Genuine Mountain Air from Switzerland


Limited opportunity to get your sealed jar of Genuine Mountain Air from Switzerland. Feel the freshness and vitality! Claim yours while stocks last.

Sealed jars of magic fresh air direct from the Swiss alps. Wondering what to get him or her for a birthday or Christmas? The ultimate present for the man or woman that has everything. Comes with a signed Certificate of authenticity and the GPS coordinates of exactly where it was collected.


Exclusive Swiss Air

Yes really! Genuine Mountain Air from Switzerland collected from our secret location, actual Swiss molecules! And dont forget it's air exclusively from Switzerland, surely the best air in the world.

As you open the box that has been delivered to your door you find your jar of Swiss air inside, you also find you have a certificate with signed authentication.

You also find you have the GPS coordinates of exactly where in Switzerland the air was collected. You can feed the GPS coordinates into Google maps and view the exact secret location in Switzerland. Let's just say it's collected by a babbling mountain stream, fed by melt water from a famous glacier, near a very famous mountain. We want to keep the location secret to protect supplies. But you now know as you have your very own GPS coordinates.

As you open your ice cold jar of air (it's recommended to chill in the freezer for full effect) you flick the latch open and there's a quick pfsst as the mountain pressure equalises and you can take a breath of genuine mountain air from Switzerland. Or maybe never open it and just keep the jar as a momento to keep the magic inside as a collectors item or to remind you of the good life and open at a later date or celebration.

Makes a perfect gift for Birthdays or Christmas or just for fun... and you can feel good about your purchase because you've helped disadvantaged children and adults with the World Vision. 25% of all profits are sent to this charity. Nearly 1000.00 USD already donated.

Sample Certificate of Authenticity

GPS location of air collection in Switzerland (check it out on Google Maps).

Worldwide International delivery included.

25% profils go to the charity Worldvision Clean Water Initiative

Listen, to be serious for a moment I was born in London and I've lived here in Switzerland for 20 years now. I seriously feel almost reborn everytime I go to the alps and breath the fresh air, there's definitely something magic in that air. So get your little bit of magic right here right now! I personally guarantee that the air in the jar is gathered from the location specified by the GPS coordinates because I'm always there when we collect it!




John Green

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Basel, Switzerland.

P.S. Now, this precious commodity does not come cheap. However please realise we really do go to the secret location and really do fill the jars with sweet Swiss air. Also we really do give 25% of the profits to World Vision.

Again seriously we also want to make sure this a sustainable business so we can keep helping these very deserving kids and adults in Africa. Nearly 1000.00 USD already donated.

So please go ahead and make your purchase and be assured we will rush your Swiss molecules to you as soon as possible. Thanks, John... Worldwide International shipping included! :)

P.P.S You have had high calorie Swiss cheese, you've surely had high calorie Swiss chocloate, now experience zero calorie Swiss air!


1 pint 500ml

$97.00 USD




1 quart / 1 liter

$167.00 USD






3/4 gallon /  3 liters

$247.00 USD